Les Cheveux Hair Relax

In a space used as a personal care salon, the new owner asked us to intervene.


Our proposal is a total makeover based on the name.


The concept of branding and classic-style interior design for the new image make it unique in Curaçao with a high class level.


Project: Interior Design + Branding
Construction Area: 188 m² / 2.022 sqft
Location: Willemstad,  Curaçao.

House of Healing

The growth of this business leads us to be part of its new stage. The new location is made up of a new building with several commercial spaces with a low level of design, making our intervention more complex.


The integration of the necessary spaces, the branding and the atmosphere achieved definitely project a new image and welcomes a new successful stage.


Project: Renovation + Interior Design + Branding
Construction Area: 160 m² / 1.721 sqft
Location: Willemstad,  Curaçao.

Strikers Sport Bar

In an existing warehouse, the client wants to offer a new space for Willemstad. A bowling alley as the main attraction and other activities around it, is the concept developed.


A space for bowling, billiards, watching a game or simply to talk and hang out. The name of the site was given by the client, we gave it the corporate image so that the spaces could speak for themselves.


Project: Renovation + Interior Design + Branding
Construction Area: 775 m² / 8.339 sqft
Location: Willemstad,  Curaçao.

Real Estate Office

In the beginning the initial intention was refreshing the image of the company, but a new concept is conceived from an analysis.


The result leads us to a change of the corporate image and an interior design with a total remodeling of the space.


The reusing of the furniture integrated into the new concept was a total success.


Project: Commercial + Interior Design + Branding
Construction Area: 70 m² / 753 sqft
Location: Willemstad,  Curaçao.

C Spirit Store

The growth of C Spirit as an established business and brand involves us in the design of its new location. With an area of 64 m² the optimization of space as part of our work was also a very marked requirement of the client.


The furniture and the colors integrated by the central "garden" were the elements that defined the spaces and sensations of C Spirit.

Project: Commercial + Interior Design + Branding
Construction Area: 64 m² / 688 sqft
Location: Willemstad,  Curaçao.

Total Finance

In an existing space with a conflicting organization and flow, it is proposed to reorganize and intervene all the space according to the function and its corporate image. The main facade was the only source of natural light, but at the same time with a clear orientation to the west.


Project: Renovation + Interior Design
Construction Area: 230 m² / 2.475 sqft
Location: Oranjestad, Aruba

Steak House Restaurant

The remodeling of an existing restaurant should take the direction of a new image. Interior design and furniture with a reorganization of the areas was the key to develop a harmonious and fresh space according to the food offer.


Project: Renovation + Interior Design
Construction Area: 295 m² / 3.174 sqft
Location: Palm Beach, Aruba

Car Dealer

Building designed for the sale and services of vehicles where the contrast of colors and textures between the solid volume and its permeability, clearly define the functions.


Project: Commercial
Construction Area: 660 m² / 7.102 sqft
Location: Punto Fijo, Venezuela

Con Todo Express

Starting from generating an identity and a brand, together with interior design and space development, an existing store is intervened to give an identity and position it as a reference in the commercial area located.


Project: Renovation + Interior Design + Branding
Construction Area: 274 m² / 2.948 sqft
Location: Punto Fijo, Venezuela

Praktiko Minimarket

In an existing two-level commercial store, expansion is inevitable. The double height and the mezzanine give it a unique spatial quality that together with the interior design and branding make the chromatic game the ideal identity for a specific target.


Project: Renovation + Interior Design +  Branding
Construction Area: 335 m² / 3.604 sqft
Location: Punto Fijo, Venezuela

Atacho Headquarters

The new headquarters is projected onto an existing building which is renovated and expanded to meet its new function. Next to the building, new sheds are developed according to customer requirements. Despite the unfavorable location of the existing building in the land, the balance achieved in the treatment of the complex and its response to the context is correct.


Project:  Office Headquarters 
Construction Area: 3.358 m² / 36.132 sqft
Location: Punto Fijo, Venezuela 

COL Shopping Mall

On a land located between Maracaibo and the East Coast of the Maracaibo Lake, a Shopping Center is set up in a neuralgic point that aims to become a hinge and consolidate the sector between both important urban centers.


Project: Commercial

Construction Area:  34.790 m² / 374.340 sqft

Location: Maracaibo, Venezuela

Bar Nico's
The intervention of an existing structure whose use was residential, a bar is designed where austerity is balanced with the opulent pretensions of its customers.
Project: Bar Restaurant Renovation
Construction Area: 202 m² / 2.174 sqft
Location: Maracaibo, Venezuela

Hyundai Car Dealer

Building designed for the sale, exhibition and services of Hyundai vehicles. The colors and corporate identity, as well as the parameters of the brand, are integrated with the contrast of its permeability that defines its functions.


Project: Commercial

Construction Area: 2.500m² / 26.900 sqft

Location: Ciudad Ojeda, Venezuela