2B1 Architects

Spaces Development


Professional team dedicated to designing and building top end bespoke projects. With result harmonic, functional, aesthetic and high details levels, we combine the knowledge of experience with the strength and fresh ideas of a young team capable of undertaking projects of all scales for the most demanding of clients, keeping us professionally awake and open minded.


Our services include the development of all project stages with a careful site supervision. We coordinate the different parties involved to ensure that the result is harmonic, functional and aesthetic.


Our work dynamics includes more than 1.200.000 square meters (12.900.000 sq ft) designed in Aruba, Curaçao, China and Venezuela; and more than 20 years of professional experience.



Senior Architect

Shyness is his strength and architecture his
drainage. He does not draw the building blocks, he thinks, designs and places them in the best way.

The environment and contact with nature guide his ideas. Always in perfect harmony with the whole team, he believes in a better world and that "It is not bad to dream".






Interior Designer


Each element within the design composition is the product of her keen eye for detail. "Good architecture facilitates interior design" and therefore her goal is to print the user's personal style in each space. Something not very easy when it comes to housing, but her kind and natural creativity has achieved

smiles and satisfactions on those who live her designs.





Consulting Engineer


An open book that every team should have, his constant advice and observations are further proof that "Passions do not retire". His experience has been crucial in all our projects, it is the base. Our designs, together with the good sense of his advice have been an important part of our growth in Curaçao.






Consulting Marketing


Critical in constant analysis, he delves into the soul of each building to shape its reason for being. In short, he teaches the building how to behave in society, how to dress, how to act. "The corporate image is not defined by a logo, a color or a good architecture", it is defined by its analysis and proposal, together with the way of projecting it to the city and its users.






Our intern of Interior Architecture student has a clear goal, get experience to grow up. For him, “Art is the base for architecture”. At this moment, he is expanding his knowledge in different design areas. The experience of doing an internship here on the island as a third-year student from ArtEZ University of Arts, will be beneficial for his future career in Curaçao and abroad.