On this lot with two existing cottages, extreme topography and tight spaces, the client requested a new cottage.


The proposal based on the client's requirements, is designed in harmony with the levels and the function, resulting in an accessible house with different spaces and amenities with, without a doubt, one of the best views of the island.


This new project represents a milestone in the architecture of homes in Curacao, a harmonious game of design and engineering.


Project: Residential 

Construction Area:  343 m² / 3.690 sqft
Lot Area:
  764 m² / 8.220 sqft
Location: Coral Cliff, Curaçao


The hills of Hoffi Abou is the perfect setting for this house, designed to enjoy its beautiful views from any space in the house.


The pureness of its lines, and the character of it, maintains a perfect contrast with the native landscape of Curacao.


The name chosen by the owners, Villa Bista di Mondi, it's the perfect name for the essence and concept of this house.


Project: Residential 

Construction Area:  526 m² / 5.659 sqft
Lot Area:
  1.690 m² / 18.184 sqft
Location: Hoffi Abou, Curaçao


Between volumes that play in different gardens, stands this house that takes and reinterprets some Mediterranean elements.


Its privacy and security gives the opportunity to flow into its internal spaces, highlighting its elegance and lightness.


It is very important to mention that a bioclimatic design provides a unique thermal comfort on the island.


Project: Residential 

Construction Area:  513 m² / 5.527 sqft
Lot Area:
  1.432 m² / 15.408 sqft
Location: Piscadera, Curaçao


In the search for a different architecture to be seen on the Island of Aruba, this client asks us for something different but without losing the elegance of the straight lines and the noble materials to use.


The orientation of the lot according to the sun and the wind gave us unique guidelines to develop this house with numerous areas that could present a very heavy aspect.


However, complying with the required spaces, the treatment of the facades, lines, materials and the bioclimatic factor allowed us to achieve a design where the fluidity of light and lightness is unique and pleasant.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  888 m² /  9.555 sqft
Lot Area:
 1.020 m² / 10.975 
Location: Palm Beach, Aruba


On a lot with an irregular slope, this gives us enough space for parking and services in the basement level, leaving a canvas free for a home and pool with a marked American style.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  481 m² / 5.175 sqft
Lot Area:
 736 m² / 7.919 
Location: Jan Sofat, Curaçao


With one of the best views of Villa Park Fontein, this lot with a very steep slope, manages to maintain the tropical look required by the condominium regulations but with the fresh and modern air required by the client.


Knowing how to handle all these variables on the design table flowed into this final product. 


Project: Residential + Interior Design
Construction Area:  307 m² / 3.303 sqft
Lot Area:
 711 m² / 7.650 
Location: Villa Park Fontein, Curaçao


The view, sun and wind were the factors that shaped this small and cozy home over a softly hill.


The need to live more outdoors, client main requirement, gave us a simple concept of inverting the usual spaces and functions of the house.


Bioclimatic architecture did its best work.


Project: Residential

Construction Area:  212 m² / 2.281 sqft
Lot Area:
 892 m² / 9.598 s
Location: BrakkeputCuraçao


With a spectacular view of Bullenbaai and on a plot with a notable slope, this house is divided into three main bodies to adapt to the topography without sacrificing the view it offers.


The bioclimatic disadvantage that the lot presents is used in favor of the building, integrating itself into the context in a unique way.


The different terraces and their levels of privacy are the protagonists of the house.


Project: Residential

Construction Area:  307 m² / 3.303 sqft
Lot Area:
 869 m² / 9.350 
Location: Harmonie, Curaçao


In a privileged and unique location, this house was designed for a client of Chinese origin. In a rigid lot and context we take the Yansheng Coin as the generating element of the concept.


The house became its own wall so as not to have a perimeter wall and to be fully exposed to the environment, however its shape, gardens, materials and spatial qualities make this house an open building in perfect dialogue with the city.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  675 m² /  7.263 sqft
Lot Area:
 1.020 m² / 10.975 sqft

Location: Palm Beach, Aruba


In a rugged lot but with a formidable view, a very particular Canadian clients like the lot itself, bring us a drawing about their "ideal" vacation home they want to have.


After a successful analysis with our advices and observations, we propose a simple and new "wonderful design", as the clients expressed, that adapts perfectly to their physical needs, principles of vedic architecture and lifestyle governed by their astrological beliefs; in addition to being in perfect communication with the surroundings and culture of the island.


Project: Residential

Construction Area:  220 m² /  2.367 sqft
Lot Area:
  1.470 m² / 15.817 sqft
Location: Coral Cliff, Curaçao


In an elevated lot with a constant breeze, this house is designed with a contemporary style and totally white at the request of the client. The arrangement of the different areas and the guest house are reflected in the volumes and textures giving it clear and elegant lines.


The fluidity of the breezes in all the spaces is unique.


Project: Residential

Construction Area:  404 m² /  4.347 sqft
Lot Area:
 880 m² / 9.469 sqft

Location: Subu, Curacao


In an existing house with a splendid view of the salt flats, the new owner seeks to enjoy them and increase the spaces of the house.


With the private area on the first floor and the social areas integrated into the landscape design, this traditional Florida style home with a clear and simple distribution, as required by the client, shows a perfect balance integrated into the environment.


Project: Residential (Expansion)

Construction Area:  427 m² /  4.594 sqft
Lot Area:
 700 m² / 7.532 sqft

Location: Palm Beach, Aruba


On a family farm, the client wants a new life connected with nature. On the ground floor an apartment with one bedroom and a small private garden is conceived in a standard layout.


The first floor is the place where a terrace with different spaces embraces the bedrooms, thus becoming a terrace with two bedrooms. As expected, we turned the fifth façade into a social terrace with one of the best views. The game of skins and volumes was used bioclimatic resource due to the orientation of the building.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  247 m² /  2.657 sqft
Lot Area:
 373 m² / 4.013 sqft

Location: Santa Catharina, Curaçao


In a lot that welcomes the sea breeze, intervening an existing house, to convert it into two houses with shared spaces was the solution to the client's requirements.


A design that became the star of the neighborhood as the client desired.


Project: Residential + Interior Design

Construction Area:  275 m² / 2.959 sqft
Lot Area:
 757 m² / 8.145 
Location: Tera Kora, Curaçao


In a lot with the sea to the south, a small pier and an existing house, the client decides to demolish the old house, however the existence of the pier gives us the concept that generated the new design.
Project: Residential
Construction Area:  614 m² /  6.066 sqft
Lot Area:
 747 m² / 8.037 sqft

Location: Pos Chiquito, Aruba


On a corner lot with a main road that gives a lot of background noise pollution, this family home is a challenge.


It is proposed that the same building will act as an acoustic mattress together with the vegetation of the landscape design, locating the bedrooms spaces away from the acoustic pollution and the open social spaces as filters. Its heights, shapes and spatial quality of each area are unique and with a perfect integration to the environment and bioclimatic response.


Project: Residential

Construction Area:  287 m² /  3.088 sqft
Lot Area:
 795 m² / 8.554 sqft

Location: Harmonie, Curaçao


In a lot with a formidable orientation and location, the fluidity when designing this house was unique.


The clarity of its uses through the volumes joined by a third articulating volume and three garden strips make together a dwelling defined in its lines and spatiality.


Project: Residential

Construction Area:  234m² /  2.518 sqft
Lot Area:
 618 m² / 6.650 sqft

Location: Papaya, Aruba


On an existing house, the client asks us for a remodeling adapted to their current needs, however the design extends to the entire lot where there is an unused area.


The compact design and optimal use of space make this a profitable project with a perfect balance with its surroundings.


Project: Residential + Interior Design 

Construction Area:  400 m² / 4.300 sqft

Lot Area: 700 m² / 7.532 sqft

Location: Abrahamsz, Curacao


 In a small lot located on a corner, ten studio apartments are proposed for AIRBNB.  The aim is to optimize the greatest use of spaces and amenities.


The orientation of the lot together with the function of the building was decisive in the bioclimatic proposal.


Project: Residential

Construction Area:  526 m² /  5.659 sqft
Lot Area:
 600 m² / 6.456 sqft

Location: Malmok,  Aruba


On one lot of land there are two one-level apartment buildings. With a third building, the objective is to optimize the use of the lot, increase the density and consolidating a gated community.


Initially there are 6 apartments and with the new expansion a new 2-level building is designed with 8 new apartments for a total of 14 apartments.


Project: Residential

Construction Area: 867 m² / 9.329 sqft

Lot Area:  1.274 m² / 13.708 sqft

Location: Koraalspechtweg, Curaçao


With a main house of 226 m² (2.432 sqft) and a guest house of 77 m² (828 sqft) over a lot of 1.245 m² (13.396 sqft), we were assigned the design of the landscape as well as pool area and roofed parking lot.


During the analysis it was determined that the house itself did not had a proper distribution of space or a minimal response to bioclimatic architecture. Finally all the complex was intervened accomplishing in this way an optimal distribution integrating the internal and external functions, furthermore giving a bioclimatic answer.


Project: Residential (Renovation + Expansion)
Construction Area:  470 m² /  5.057 sqft
Lot Area:
1.245 m² / 13.396 sqft

Location: Blue Bay Resort,  Curaçao


With an available area of 782 m² and with a marked tropical style, a two-level building is developed for eight residential apartments.


In the investor's eternal quest to achieve the maximum number of units in the lot, we include small necessary green spaces as well as a small social terrace that give the whole a plus.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  650 m² /  6.994 sqft
Lot Area:
 782 m² / 8.414 sqft

Location: Montaña,  Curaçao


In a land of 2.450 m² (26.362 sqft) with an urban plan of 8 lots, we propose two model house for economically young families but without losing spatial qualities.


With options of three and two bedrooms, homes with orthogonal and pure lines are defined with a clear and simple concept that responds to the context, emphasizing climatic variations with the orientation of each unit as constant in our designs.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  660 m² / 7.101 sqft
House Area:
  72m² - 93 m² / 774 sqft - 1.000 sqft

Location: Seru Coral,  Curaçao


In a land of 78.266 m² (842.142 sqft) with an existing organic urban plan of 60 lots, we propose a house with a clear and simple concept that responds to the context, making an emphasis on climatic variations with the orientation of each unit.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  12.180 m² / 131.056 sqft
House Area:
203 m² / 2.184 sqft

Location: Bona Vista, Aruba


At downtown Willemstad, where history shows its presence, a 1938 building  with six apartments is erected.


From the privileged location of this apartment, for its view as a gift of height, where you can see from Queen Juliana Bridge to the Mega Cruise Terminal, the Terrace concept arises.


Project: Renovation + Interior Design

Intervened Area:  65 m² / 700 sqft
Location: Otrobanda,  Curaçao


In a land located in an area of rapid expansion and residential growth, a 4-level tower is proposed.


Breaking the skyline, it seeks to generate a milestone in the sector and a new scale of reference in the context.


Project: Residential Building
Construction Area: 620 m² / 6.671 sqft
Location: Punto Fijo, Venezuela


In a lot with 432 m² (4.648 sqft) and trapezoidal shape, a 160 m² house is proposed reinventing the local tradition in the conception of housing.


The house is developed around the living room and the kitchen as a meeting place in the interior and, at the same time, in the exterior the pool deck as the welcome to the house.


Project: Residential + Interior Design

Construction Area: 160 m² / 1.722 sqft

Location: Santa Cruz, Aruba


Concept of two strips that are developed along the entire rectangular land, with the "garden strip" being the main protagonist over which the spaces of the "house strip" open up.

Two spaces, full and empty but the same function is clearly the concept. Yin and Yang as a concept for a home. Balance as a meeting point.


Project: Residential

Construction Area: 195 m² / 2.098 sqft

Location: Yantian, Shenzhen, China


Housing developed in the style of a european villa on two levels. The client's requirements were clear and very marked. 


Project:  Residential 

Construction Area: 351 m² / 3.777 sqft 

Location: Changde, Hunan, China


Residential building of four levels and five apartments type of different areas and characteristics as response of the building and its location to the context and the bioclimatic factor.


Project: Residential Building

Construction Area: 420 m² / 4.519 sqft

Location: Maracaibo, Venezuela


In the heart of Willemstad, in the colorful Otrobanda neighborhood, a residential building with 16 apartments, a social terrace with hydroponic crops and 44 parking spaces is projected.


Its 4 levels, according to the height of the surroundings, breaks with its contemporary façade that integrates an existing bilboard on the site.  The historic facades are respected.  History is not copied or imitated. The contrast is used as an accent.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  2.752m² /  29.611 sqft
Lot Area:
 688 m² / 7.403 sqft

Location: Otrobanda, Curaçao




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