297 Residences (Work in Progress)


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  8.721m² /  93.838 sqft
Lot Area:
3.390 m² / 36.476 sqft

Location: Oranjestad, Aruba.


With a main house of 226 m² (2.432 sqft) and a guest house of 77 m² (828 sqft) over a lot of 1.245 m² (13.396 sqft), we were assigned the design of the landscape as well as pool area and roofed parking lot. During the analysis it was determined that the house itself did not had a proper distribution of space or a minimal response to bioclimatic architecture. Finally all the complex was intervened accomplishing in this way an optimal distribution integrating the internal and external functions, furthermore giving a bioclimatic answer.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  470 m² /  5.057 sqft
Lot Area:
1.245 m² / 13.396 sqft

Location: Blue Bay Resort, Curacao.

MODEL HOUSES 70 / 90 / 110

As part of our human and social commitment to the city, three model houses have been conceived to be implanted in any urban lot of Curacao. With a minimum area required for the lot, the bioclimatic design seeks to optimize its response to thermal comfort regardless of orientation and location. The internal spaces were conceived with the minimum requirements necessary to be optimal, functional and comfortable, in addition to having the flexibility to be adapted to any user with some type of disability.


Project: Residential Social

Construction Area:  70 m²_ 90 m²_ 110 m² /  753 sqft _ 968 sqft_ 1.183 sqft
Minimum Lot Area:
  220 m²_ 245m²_ 305m²/ 2.367 sqft _ 2.636 sqft  _ 3282 sqft
Location: Curacao Urban Area

228  Village

In a land of 2.450 m² (26.362 sqft) with an urban plan of 8 lots, we propose two model house for economically young families but without losing spatial qualities. With options of three and two bedrooms, homes with orthogonal and pure lines are defined with a clear and simple concept that responds to the context, emphasizing climatic variations with the orientation of each unit as constant in our designs.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  660 m² / 7.101 sqft
House Area:
  72m² - 93 m² / 774 sqft - 1.000 sqft

Location: Seru Coral, Curacao.

Bona Vista Village

In a land of 78.266 m² (842.142 sqft) with an existing organic urban plan of 60 lots, we propose a house with a clear and simple concept that responds to the context, making an emphasis on climatic variations with the orientation of each unit.


Project: Residential
Construction Area:  12.180 m² / 131.056 sqft
House Area:
203 m² / 2.184 sqft

Location: Bona Vista, Aruba

Otrobanda Apartment

In downtown Willemstad, where history shows its presence, a 1938 building  with six apartments is erected. From the privileged location of this apartment, for its view as a gift of height, where you can see from Queen Juliana Bridge to the Mega Cruise Terminal, the Terrace concept arises.

Project: Renovation and Interior Design
Intervened Area:  65 m² / 700 sqft
Location: Otrobanda, Willemstad, Curacao

Costa Sol Residences

In a land located in an area of rapid expansion and residential growth, a 4-level tower is proposed. Breaking the skyline, it seeks to generate a milestone in the sector and a new scale of reference in the context.


Project: Residential Building
Construction Area: 620 m² / 6.671 sqft
Location: Punto Fijo, Estado Falcón, Venezuela

Franklyn House

In a lot with 432 m² (4.648 sqft) and trapezoidal shape, a 160 m² house is proposed reinventing the local tradition in the conception of housing. The house is developed around the living room and the kitchen as a meeting place in the interior and, at the same time, in the exterior the pool deck as the welcome to the house.


Project: Residential + Interior Design

Construction Area: 160 m² / 1.722 sqft

Location: Santa Cruz, Aruba

Rachel House

Concept of two strips that are developed along the entire rectangular land, with the "garden strip" being the main protagonist over which the spaces of the "house strip" open up. Full and empty is clearly the concept.


Project: Residential

Construction Area: 195 m² / 2.098 sqft

Location: Yantian, Shenzhen, China

The Reef Residences

Conceived as a refuge, these 36 homes respond to the climatic elements and the context so that the result is a small oasis within the city.


Project: Residential Complex

Construction Area: 6.182 m² / 66.518 sqft

Location: Punto Fijo, Estado Falcón, Venezuela

Chen Jin House 

Housing developed in the style of a european villa on two levels. The client's requirements were clear and very marked. 


Project:  Residential 

Construction Area: 351 m² / 3.777 sqft 

Location: Changde, Hunan, China

Marfisi Residences

Three houses complex that distributes their areas in two levels, locating the social area in the lower part and the private one on the upper part. The composition in the game of skins and its green areas are a response to the rigidity of the budget and the climatic conditions of the area.


Project: Residential Building

Construction Area: 510 m² / 5.487 sqft

Location: Punto Fijo, Estado Falcón, Venezuela

Yzzi House

Extension and remodeling of an existing house. It aims to be a "dwelling viewer" as an inevitable response to the valley that contains it.


Project: Residential

Construction Area: 385 m² / 4.143 sqft

Location: Timotes, Estado Merida, Venezuela

SR80 House

Two level housing with unfavorable orientation. With the main façade oriented to the West and the rear to the East, they act to filter that regulates the incidence of light and winds according to the spaces. These are the elements that define the pieces of each of the facades.


Project: Residential

Construction Area: 481/ 5.175ft

Location: Punto Fijo, Estado Falcón, Venezuela

Myna Residences

Residential building of four levels and five apartments type of different areas and characteristics as response of the building and its location to the context and the bioclimatic factor.


Project: Residential Building

Construction Area: 420 m² / 4.519 sqft

Location: Maracaibo, Estado Zulia, Venezuela