ABC Condos

Over a land of 5.087m² with a strategic location where the urban limit between the city and the sea is defined by a fast highway, together with a protected green area, a consolidated hotel development and a residential growth in development, give this lot  unique characteristics.


This is the genesis of a building that responds to the sea, the protected green area and the city.


Project: Commercial + Residential Building

Construction Area: 12.042 m² / 129.571,92 sqft

Location: Sasaki, Aruba

Sams Building

With an existing commercial building of 140 m² (1.506,40 sqft) on a lot of 536 m² (5.767,36 sqft), the client required an expansion.


Taking into consideration the characteristics of the context, a building is proposed where the commercial activity is complemented with the residential one.


Project: Commercial + Residential Building

Construction Area: 1.303 m² / 14.028 sqft

Location: San Nicolas, Aruba

Baroudi Building

In Punto Fijo downtown, on a land of 100 m² (1.076 sqft) and under minimum conditions of growth, noise pollution and high density, we propose a building integrated to the urban context. Locating the commercial area on the ground floor, warehouse, apartments and social terrace at the next levels, we respond, in addition to the climate factor, to each of the limitations of the context and the client's requirements.


Project: Commercial + Residential Building

Construction Area: 427 m² / 4.594 sqft

Location: Punto Fijo, Venezuela

L+R Building

In an existing two level house, it is proposed to convert it into commercial areas on the ground floor and studio apartments for rent on the upper floor with optimal and functional spaces.


Project: Commercial + Residential Building

Construction Area: 540 m² / 5.810 sqft

Location: Punto Fijo, Venezuela