Nature Apartment's

In a quiet area, the client decides to offer an option to rest close to nature. The family's  kunuku is the backdrop for this building that due to the dimensions and location of the lot, makes it difficult to respond to thermal comfort, however, the result is wonderful.


An apartment with its private garden on the ground floor, a private terrace with two concept rooms on the first floor and a social terrace on the last level, shows a building with clean and pure lines, where climate comfort prevails as a clear line of all our projects.


Project: Tourist

Construction Area: 258 m² / 2.780 sqft

Location: Santa Catharina, Curacao

Shona's Resort

Work in Progress


Project: Tourist

Construction Area: 1.105 m² / 11.890 sqft

Location: Koraalspechtweg, Curacao

Beach Bar La Mar

In a privileged area in the south of the island, a few meters from Baby Beach, this proposal arises in a place that seeks to reactivate the memory of an old local business with an architectural discourse appropriate to the environment.


Project: Tourist

Construction Area: 247 m² / 2.657 sqft

Location: San Nicolas, Aruba

Recreational Complex La Lagunita

Complex that contains two diametrically opposed concepts. The recreational areas are developed with the premise of maintaining maximum contact with nature, while in the cabin areas it is intended to recreate the concept of city.


Project: Tourist

Construction Area: 9.450 m² / 101.682 sqft

Location: San Francisco, Venezuela

Luz de Luna Inn

Inn that is projected on an old farm. It is conceived as a place for meditation and rest; the low environmental impact, balance and harmony are integrated with buddhist metaphors as a philosophy that generates the concept. The Noble Eightfold Path.


Project: Tourist

Construction Area: 2.787 m² / 29.988 sqft

Location: Chichiriviche, Venezuela

Itam Hotel

Project on the shoreline of Lake Maracaibo where the city, the lake and the bridge are the molders of the concept. A dense city hotel that disintegrates in the lake.


Project: Tourist

Construction Area: 4.200m² / 45.192 sqft

Location: San Francisco, Venezuela