Plaza Maracaibo

In the downtown of Maracaibo, whose memory and historical importance is strong, a cultural and recreational space is proposed, where history is the generating concept and the backbone of the project.


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Project: Public Square

Construction Area: 14.700 m² / 158.172 sqft

Location: Maracaibo, Venezuela

U.A.F. Football Stadium

Intervention on existing facilities that intend to be rehabilitated for the headquarters of the Union Atletico Falcon team. On two large spaces disconnected at an urban level, which should be, a building is generated as a connector bridge to establish that link between both spaces and give the urban character that the complex and the city demands.


Project: Soccer Stadium
Construction Area: 35.680 m² / 383.917 sqft
Location: Punto Fijo, Venezuela

Plaza Sur América

Plaza Bolívar is the "letter of presentation" of all Venezuelan cities. It is proposed to rehabilitate it and give it the character that it deserves within the urban context by integrating it into the urban space with the Plaza South America as a lobby and space of permanence from the main avenue.


Project: Public Square

Construction Area: 21.100 m² / 227.036 sqft

Location: Punto Fijo, Venezuela

Plaza Jurbe

Located in an important urban node where commercial and residential activity converge, there is a recreational, cultural and sports space that served as a transition between the various activities that converge in their environment.


Project: Public Square

Construction Area: 22.900 m² / 246.404 sqft

Location: Punto Fijo, Venezuela

Xijiang Coastline

The effect of the waves that produces a drop of water when falling on a water mirror generates the concept for an urban development that includes a Complex of Residential, Tourist and Office Buildings in the coastal edge of the city of Xijiang.


Project: Urban Space

Construction Area: 944.300 m² / 10.160.668 sqft

Location: Xijiang, Guangdong. China

Zhanjiang Urban Park

Taking as a principle that the mixture of air and water gives us a bubble, we generate this concept as an oasis for an urban park divided by two large avenues. It needed to be spatially connected and to be a unit within the dense urban context.


Project: Urban Space

Construction Area: 41.200 m² / 443.312 sqft

Location: Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China